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Taking on the daunting task of working 100 jobs in 2012

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Job #10 - Substitute College Student

This is definitely the weirdest job I’ve had so far.

A Columbia student hired me to go to class while she was out of town. I looked like a college student, so no one questioned what I was doing there.

I sat there for an hour-and-a-half and took notes. There was even a part where we had to split into groups and answer some questions, and my group won! We got granola bars as a reward. Good ol’ positive reinforcement. I miss the days when teaching a college student was like training a dog to fetch.

Even with that free granola bar, I’d rather work in the real world. Compared to work life, college is boring. So just in case you think college was the best time of your life, remember:

  • College was siphoning money out of your wallet, not the other way around.
  • You had to listen passively instead of doing something actively.
  • Afterwards you found out most of what you learned was useless.

I wonder if anyone will miss me there.  I purposely didn’t make friends so that no one would care that I disappeared.

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