100 Jobs 1 Year

Taking on the daunting task of working 100 jobs in 2012

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Job #31 - Give Chips

Recently I became a brand ambassador for Popchips. Cool thing about it is that we can eat them on the job, and we’re encouraged to take them to spread the good news.

iPhone 996  Popmobile

I’ve already been a driver, but this time, I got to drive the Popmobile. That’s like the Batmobile if tasty potato chips were your superhero.

Driving that made us feel like mini-celebrities. People would point at the car and mouth the words, “Popchips, I like those!” When we’d stop at a light, or in traffic on the West Side Highway, I’d roll down my window and offer a bag of chips to the person sitting in the car next to me. Fun way to spread the brand, right? RIGHT VAL? (Valerie’s my manager)

Roseland  Lei

So I worked a few events for them so far. First at the Roseland Ballroom for a fashion show. Then a fashion show in Queens, a step dancing show in Brooklyn, and kid’s event convention, and get this- a Blondes vs. Brunettes competition on Roosevelt Island! That’s exactly what you’d expect it to be- a competition between two teams of beautiful women. They played a powderpuff football game and raised over $100,000 for research on Alzheimers.

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