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Job #86 - Give Prizes

After my short stint as a game show contestant, I was pleasantly surprised to get a gig working as a mock game show host. I’ll explain.

Samsung hired us to promote their Galaxy sII at a Boost Mobile store in the City. They supplied us with hundreds of free gifts as well as a large spinning wheel divided up into eight sections for the eight prizes.

When my eye spotted the Boost-branded JVC headphones, I got a little nervous. Why include such a big prize among the others—lip balm, lanyards, magnets, and cardboard crowns? I secretly hoped the headphones would go quickly so no one would fight over them. Thankfully, aside from some persistent lingerers and mock-grumblers, we didn’t have an issue.


This picture hung in their breakroom. A family member, I guess?

And thought it was my first day with that promotions company, they liked me right away. I was in a silly-sarcastic mood, so I pretended to be obnoxious and smart-mouthed. First, I introduced myself to the market manager’s friend.

"Where are you from?"

"Australia," he said in an Australian accent.

"Obviously. But where?"

"Melbourne," he pronounced like Melbin, like Australians do.

"Cool. I meet a lot of Aussies from Melbourne in the City. Wanna guess where I’m from?"


"Yeah, no kidding."

Later he told my boss he thought he made me angry. I laughed when she told me.

Next, I stood outside and tried to get passerby to play our spinning wheel game. “Get free stuff!” shouted encouragingly. And when they walked away, I shouted at them, “You literally don’t know what you’re missing!”

Immediately my boss walked up to me. “What’s your name?”


"How long have you been doing promos?"

"Five years," though I only got highly involved this year. I expected a reprimand.

"Cool. I like you."

"Oh, awesome," I answered, pleasantly surprised. "Does that mean you’ll recommend me for more gigs?"

"Of course!"


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Job #42 - Professional Laugher

My buddies from the Upstate improv team invited me to their show at the Magnet Theater. They hold an improv competition every Thursday night. At this point, Upstate had won five times in a row! (Later on, they became the second team ever to win eight times in a row. Read their last crazy challenge.)

You may have already seen them. These are the guys behind the Mario Kart movie trailer, Hey Arnold movie trailer, Doug movie trailer, the Super Mario Choose Your Own Adventure, and most recently their Dougstep music video.

Dustin thought it would be a cool idea to hire me as a professional laugher. I value being genuine though, so wasn’t going to give any free laughs. But I didn’t have to fake it. These guys were amazing!

This improv competition had a twist. Right before they went on and performed, they got a surprise challenge: one of them had to exclusively read lines from a play while the other performed. 

These guys were incredible. Simply amazing. Wish you could’ve seen it.

Oh wait, you can, because I videotaped the whole thing! I’ll have the link later this week.

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Job #40 - Web Video Survey

Through TaskRabbit I found the simplest job yet: Record a ten-second survey video on my webcam.

I’ve already showed you how to make money sitting down in a television audience, sitting down with easy office work, or even not working at all.

But how about sitting at your computer at home and making a few bucks?

Some guys were looking for people to do sample testimonial videos to test their web video survey program. This one was for 5-Hour Energy.

Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 9.58.29 AM

If you want $5 now and have a webcam and ten seconds, go to Videos4Cash and git ‘er done! Don’t be scared.

Yesterday at their big conference, Apple said you won’t need WiFi for FaceTime (video phone) chat anymore. Well, that’s an advancement on their end. But as far as one-way video chat goes, getting paid is a good enough advancement for me!


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Job #31 - Give Chips

Recently I became a brand ambassador for Popchips. Cool thing about it is that we can eat them on the job, and we’re encouraged to take them to spread the good news.

iPhone 996  Popmobile

I’ve already been a driver, but this time, I got to drive the Popmobile. That’s like the Batmobile if tasty potato chips were your superhero.

Driving that made us feel like mini-celebrities. People would point at the car and mouth the words, “Popchips, I like those!” When we’d stop at a light, or in traffic on the West Side Highway, I’d roll down my window and offer a bag of chips to the person sitting in the car next to me. Fun way to spread the brand, right? RIGHT VAL? (Valerie’s my manager)

Roseland  Lei

So I worked a few events for them so far. First at the Roseland Ballroom for a fashion show. Then a fashion show in Queens, a step dancing show in Brooklyn, and kid’s event convention, and get this- a Blondes vs. Brunettes competition on Roosevelt Island! That’s exactly what you’d expect it to be- a competition between two teams of beautiful women. They played a powderpuff football game and raised over $100,000 for research on Alzheimers.

363  360

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Job #30 - Maid

A guy in Brooklyn owns a cool loft apartment, and wanted me to do basic cleaning work for his next guests. His living room has a bear rug. An actual bear!

He found me through TaskRabbit. He uses Airbnb, a site that lets you find amazing B&B’s to stay at when you’re traveling. So you’ll save money, and get more of a sense of the local culture.

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Job #29 - Bring Cheer

After breaking a world record, I went downtown to a Ritz-Carlton event at the Metropolitan Pavilion. A charity organization called Special E has a program where they pick up centerpiece flowers after parties and give them to hospitals. Cool idea, right? So we picked up the flowers in order to deliver them the following day.

I’d like to show the smiles on the patients’ faces as they received the colorful bouquets, but had to settle with the smiles of the hospital security guards who would let me go no further. One delivery went to the Beth Israel Medical Center, and the other to the hospital at NYU.

Security 1  Security 2

I tried to make one more delivery in the meantime, but they wanted me to come back another time to fill out donation paperwork. I just want to give you flowers! Sheesh.

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