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Job #29 - Bring Cheer

After breaking a world record, I went downtown to a Ritz-Carlton event at the Metropolitan Pavilion. A charity organization called Special E has a program where they pick up centerpiece flowers after parties and give them to hospitals. Cool idea, right? So we picked up the flowers in order to deliver them the following day.

I’d like to show the smiles on the patients’ faces as they received the colorful bouquets, but had to settle with the smiles of the hospital security guards who would let me go no further. One delivery went to the Beth Israel Medical Center, and the other to the hospital at NYU.

Security 1  Security 2

I tried to make one more delivery in the meantime, but they wanted me to come back another time to fill out donation paperwork. I just want to give you flowers! Sheesh.

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Job #27 - Comedy Show Promoter

As I learned from my former attempt to sell comedy tickets, if you’re not a salesman, it’s better to take a job that guarantees money. So I found one.

EventPro Strategies hired me to hand out fliers for a TBS-sponsored comedy battle between Columbia and NYU. Piece of cake, we thought.

But if Manhattanites are adverse to taking fliers, Manhattan college students are all the more. Words like “TBS”, “comedy”, and even their own school name couldn’t make them grab a flier. Maybe it’s because they know that comedy clubs charge a cover and a two-drink minimum. And as a college student, that probably means Coca-Cola on the rocks.

We started promoting outside Columbia University, in the same location where I shot Job #9 - Substitute College Student. After that we moved down to Astor Place, site of the coffee house that inspired Doc Oc’s car-throwing scene in Spider-Man 2. Then we headed to Washington Square Park.

Remember (in Job #5 and #18) when I said that short, catchy phrases work the best in promotions? We finally found one that worked: “Comedy show!” Simple and memorable, right? Soon our job was complete! And so was my first sunburn of the year.

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Job #23 - Make a Photo Montage

Got hired on TaskRabbit for my first slideshow-making gig. The guy who hired me was a friendly and busy guy, switching constantly between Bluetooth and one-on-one conversation when we first met.

When I arrived in his Upper West Side apartment building, we went up to his penthouse suite. Check out the view from there!

iPhone 777

I started the work at his Mac where he showed me a few hundred family photos he wanted me to organize into a slideshow. And in case you’re wondering, iPhoto and iMovie make that kind of thing look amazing. Not that it doesn’t require a lot of work.

After narrowing down those pics to play well in a ten-minute slideshow, I added some titles and music of his choice, and BOOM- we created a professional video slideshow for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

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Job #21 - Selling Comedy Tickets

Ah, Times Square… huge billboards, the largest video screens in the world… almost every animate and inanimate object tries to market to you- signs, cowboys, video screens, dancers, free samples- to make you get something or go somewhere. With all that competition, a guy has to be pretty persuasive to convince you to get what he’s offering. Add when his wages are solely commission-based, the race is on! That’s where I was on that Saturday.

As a salesperson, it helps to believe in your product. And I know that- although not a stand up comic myself- there’s a plethora of clubs in NYC willing to showcase any level of talent to fill their wallets. Because once you’re in the door, they’ve got your cover and two-drink minimum. Thankfully the club I promoted only premiered talent that had TV credits- from Letterman, Comedy Central, and so on.

You’d think that a friendly New Yorker and the chance of seeing famous comics would convince tourists to want to buy tickets. But I didn’t sell any in the nearly four hours I was there. It was cold. I’m inexperienced. And I’m too nice. It almost pains me to look at that video.

What do YOU think of the people who sell comedy tickets in Times Square?

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Episode 28 - Reilly Owens


Cough, cough, splutter, sneeze. Reilly Owens has hauled himself off his sick bed to join the PITcast this week. It’s not going to do him any good though, because Rob is sick also. Someone get Iliana a mask because it’s all getting a bit Contagion here

Listen Here

Download from iTunes Here

Yay! The PITcast is always worth listening to for anyone pursuing comedy, especially if you’re a PITizen. I’ve heard every episode so far.

As they prepare to interview the talented Reilly Owens, Rob and Illy give a shout out to yours truly and the 100 Jobs 1 Year project! Look at the tags below to see how easy it is to follow me. So do it now! :D

(Source: thepitcast)

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