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Job #29 - Bring Cheer

After breaking a world record, I went downtown to a Ritz-Carlton event at the Metropolitan Pavilion. A charity organization called Special E has a program where they pick up centerpiece flowers after parties and give them to hospitals. Cool idea, right? So we picked up the flowers in order to deliver them the following day.

I’d like to show the smiles on the patients’ faces as they received the colorful bouquets, but had to settle with the smiles of the hospital security guards who would let me go no further. One delivery went to the Beth Israel Medical Center, and the other to the hospital at NYU.

Security 1  Security 2

I tried to make one more delivery in the meantime, but they wanted me to come back another time to fill out donation paperwork. I just want to give you flowers! Sheesh.

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Job #24 - Work a Slideshow

"Do you have PowerPoint experience?" my temp agent asked.

"Well, I just finished making a slideshow yesterday as as job,” I responded. “I took a PowerPoint class before, and made a TV pilot presentation for NBC on PowerPoint.” 

It helps being overprepared.

The next day, I walked into the Waldorf-Astoria at 6am to run the online slideshow for a conference. After they got my laptop setup, we had some waiting time, and then the games begun!

The company I did the presentation for works with petroleum to provide up-to-date materials for whatever Americans need. Their CEO donated more money to cancer research than anyone. Ever.

Although their presentation made me like their company, sitting for five hours straight took its toll on my sleep-weary body. But hey, afterward I partook on a Waldorf-quality lunch, and by 2pm my day was complete!

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