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Taking on the daunting task of working 100 jobs in 2012

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Job #17 - Packager

My temp agency reached out to me to see if I could work at CNN and make packages in their taperoom.

Score! Finally something that utilizes my skill set.

For the less-informed, I’ll tell you- in TV news, a package is a short news segment that’s part of a larger program.

When I arrived, I saw a bunch of packages already made

Cardboard Boxes

in the form of cardboard boxes.

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Job #16 - Day Receptionist

The above is Bigfoote’s timelapse video of NYC during Hurricane Irene

Remember Job #6, the double-booking receptionist job that I couldn’t do?

They invited me back.

This place is amazing. Bigfoote is a music production studio that makes tracks for commercials for GoogleSmirnoff, Adobe, Mercedes… go ahead and listen for yourself.

Their studio overlooks Union Square and they have a kitchen with food! For lunch I made a real ham and cheese sandwich on organic bread and a side of all-natural blue tortilla chips.

My last day there I got talking to the co-owner of the place, and told him my journey through working on several TV shows and now starting to pursue writing and performing myself. I said I’m working paying jobs as much as possible, hitting the comedy theaters almost every night, performing with an improv team, and writing with a sketch team. He listened and nodded and said, “I think you’re on the right track.” That’s good to hear from someone I consider successful in the creative world!

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