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H&M Isabel Marant Promo

It’s been an early week! From working another promotion outside (that I can’t disclose yet) starting at 7:30am and this one that started at 6am, I’ve had to get used to this cold weather quickly! It didn’t help that it started snowing the day after I’d been snorkeling in Bermuda!

As with the Dunkin Donuts two weeks before, MassiveMedia hired me to make a video I shot with my GoPro to capture the early-risers who lined up to check out Isabel Marant’s collection.

Though I’m not in the fashion world, I appreciated the stylishly-dressed (mainly) women eager to add to their collection. And because they’re fashion-conscious, most of them refused the Crumbs cupcakes we offered them. They were more attracted to the hot cups of Starbucks which helped them bide their time until the store opened around 8:00.

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"America runs on Dunkin."

These marathoners were too busy to tell if that motto is their secret to the extra pep in their step last Sunday. The spectators were a different story. They crowded the Dunkin Donuts where we held our promotion and warmed up with coffee, hot drinks, and tasty pastries. Did I mention donuts? There were donuts.

We set up a table right outside the Dunkin Donuts where they could make signs to cheer on their friends. We also handed out—get this—5,200 hats! And that was in the first four hours!

When I applied to work this event, the account manager the YouTube link in my email signature. After a little sleuthing, she thought I just might be a good videographer for the event. I happily agreed to shoot our promotion with my GoPro, and that’s what you see here.

As it so happens, I worked with my friends Kerry and Carleen, both of whom I met during my 100 Jobs 1 Year project. We send each other promo gigs when we hear about them, so it’s good to keep in touch!

For the last three years I’ve been telling myself I’d run the marathon next year. Maybe you won’t believe me, but it’s not due to lack of ambition that I don’t run. It’s that I don’t want to spend all that time training when I can work on creative projects. You get me?

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Press Time!

Since my 100 Jobs 1 Year project is over, I won’t be blogging on my 100 Jobs 1 Year page as much anymore.

So please follow my personal page!

Also, follow my 2013 project 10,000 Kevins


My 100 Jobs 1 Year story has been appearing not only on NBC, but in New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press, Macedonia, and Croatia!


Headline literally translates to “Swapped 100 jobs for a year!”


For those of you unfamiliar with Central New Jersey’s biggest newspaper, you may remember it from Clerks.

(Source: thisisdaveswebsite)

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Job #43 - Secret Shopper


Since the start of my project in January, I’d been signed up to a secret shopper site to let me know about special tasks they’d like me to work. Since my brother’s birthday is coming up pretty soon, I decided to take the opportunity to go to the Lego store in Queens.

As a secret shopper, you have to ask questions and see how well the store associates know their stuff. You also have to make sure they hit all their selling points and that they’re courteous to you as a customer.


I don’t know how, but either these people are nice 24/7 or they flagged me as a secret shopper early on. They were super friendly and helpful. One of them even went into the back a few times to see if they had the specific item I wanted. And this happened during a busy Saturday afternoon.

Instead of getting one of their lego playsets, I got a… Daniel, are you reading this? You’re going to have to wait til your birthday, brother! I’m not telling.

Do you want to be a secret shopper? Here’s the site that I use. If you look for others, make sure they’re legit. Do your research and don’t recklessly hand out your social security number!


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Job #27 - Comedy Show Promoter

As I learned from my former attempt to sell comedy tickets, if you’re not a salesman, it’s better to take a job that guarantees money. So I found one.

EventPro Strategies hired me to hand out fliers for a TBS-sponsored comedy battle between Columbia and NYU. Piece of cake, we thought.

But if Manhattanites are adverse to taking fliers, Manhattan college students are all the more. Words like “TBS”, “comedy”, and even their own school name couldn’t make them grab a flier. Maybe it’s because they know that comedy clubs charge a cover and a two-drink minimum. And as a college student, that probably means Coca-Cola on the rocks.

We started promoting outside Columbia University, in the same location where I shot Job #9 - Substitute College Student. After that we moved down to Astor Place, site of the coffee house that inspired Doc Oc’s car-throwing scene in Spider-Man 2. Then we headed to Washington Square Park.

Remember (in Job #5 and #18) when I said that short, catchy phrases work the best in promotions? We finally found one that worked: “Comedy show!” Simple and memorable, right? Soon our job was complete! And so was my first sunburn of the year.

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Job #21 - Selling Comedy Tickets

Ah, Times Square… huge billboards, the largest video screens in the world… almost every animate and inanimate object tries to market to you- signs, cowboys, video screens, dancers, free samples- to make you get something or go somewhere. With all that competition, a guy has to be pretty persuasive to convince you to get what he’s offering. Add when his wages are solely commission-based, the race is on! That’s where I was on that Saturday.

As a salesperson, it helps to believe in your product. And I know that- although not a stand up comic myself- there’s a plethora of clubs in NYC willing to showcase any level of talent to fill their wallets. Because once you’re in the door, they’ve got your cover and two-drink minimum. Thankfully the club I promoted only premiered talent that had TV credits- from Letterman, Comedy Central, and so on.

You’d think that a friendly New Yorker and the chance of seeing famous comics would convince tourists to want to buy tickets. But I didn’t sell any in the nearly four hours I was there. It was cold. I’m inexperienced. And I’m too nice. It almost pains me to look at that video.

What do YOU think of the people who sell comedy tickets in Times Square?

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Job #17 - Packager

My temp agency reached out to me to see if I could work at CNN and make packages in their taperoom.

Score! Finally something that utilizes my skill set.

For the less-informed, I’ll tell you- in TV news, a package is a short news segment that’s part of a larger program.

When I arrived, I saw a bunch of packages already made

Cardboard Boxes

in the form of cardboard boxes.

Read more …

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Job #10 - Substitute College Student

This is definitely the weirdest job I’ve had so far.

A Columbia student hired me to go to class while she was out of town. I looked like a college student, so no one questioned what I was doing there.

I sat there for an hour-and-a-half and took notes. There was even a part where we had to split into groups and answer some questions, and my group won! We got granola bars as a reward. Good ol’ positive reinforcement. I miss the days when teaching a college student was like training a dog to fetch.

Even with that free granola bar, I’d rather work in the real world. Compared to work life, college is boring. So just in case you think college was the best time of your life, remember:

  • College was siphoning money out of your wallet, not the other way around.
  • You had to listen passively instead of doing something actively.
  • Afterwards you found out most of what you learned was useless.

I wonder if anyone will miss me there.  I purposely didn’t make friends so that no one would care that I disappeared.

dave milk carton

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Job #9 - Improv Show Videographer

Wonder why you never see videos of your favorite comedians from their theater days? Think of Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler- why don’t you see videos from their time at Second City?

There’s something about the live nature of improv that doesn’t come across on video. In live theater, pauses are valuable in a way they can’t be on YouTube. Improv also feeds of the audience atmosphere to create a scene that can never be as funny when you see it on screen. When my sketch team recently shot The Barista, we edited it down to almost half it’s original length- just because comedy on YouTube has to be a lot quicker to be funny than in person.

I edited the video above to highlight one single idea that spanned Herschel’s 25-minute set. You’re watching excerpts taken from the first through last scenes to show how an idea evolves over a show.

Oh yeah, and for the first time ever, no one came to their show. Gary DeNoia blogs about it here.

See the whole set.

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